” … if it is possible to face them [experiences of shame], instead of seeking protection from what they reveal, they may throw light on who one is, and hence point the way toward who and what one may become.”  Helen Lynd

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Welcome to Shame Into Joy

Owner Claudia Gold, moi, was born in Long Island, New York and later played in Philadelphia and Las Vegas and now resides in Los Angeles.  My background includes being a clinical social worker, college professor, yoga teacher and body-worker (people’s bodies, not cars), and being in Leo Buscaglia’s “Love Class” at USC. I like to dance, teach, do expressive arts, and write non-fiction, fiction, and children’s fiction (a lot!). In my spare time I love to do colorful calligraphy. When I was a teen, I wrote the humor column for my school newspaper, and I still like to add humor wherever I can, especially when talking about super serious subjects like shame and guilt.

I want to welcome you to the “Blessed Cafe”. Your visit is appreciated because I write to share what was helpful for me and caused amazing transformations and more subtle ones, especially lightening up shame and guilt, and freeing oneself from bindings of one’s gifts.  I hope you will feel most welcome. Take some deep breaths, imagining you are in a lovely wooden upper floor of a cute cafe, looking out at the ocean, and your breaths are like ocean waves rising and falling, and rolling out to the shore. A breeze rolls in. Your stresses and past recede. Sit a spell. Imagine you are in a comfortable green velvet rocking chair, and I am handing you a Vegan berry muffin and lemon-ginger tea. Feel free to write me at Claudia@ShameIntoJoy.com.